There are many reasons to choose bi-fold doors when embarking on a home improvement project.

Featuring two (or more) panels that are hinged together, bi-fold doors can either open partially or be pulled back entirely for an uninterrupted entryway into your outdoor space. They can also be installed as internal doors which can create a versatile living area.

Bi-fold doors are a great way to add a refreshing contemporary touch to an older property, or complement a modern home with sophisticated style.

But in terms of overall costs, how much are bi-fold doors? What are the main factors that affect the average price?

Black bi-fold door partially opened

Why choose bi-fold doors?

In modern homes, many homeowners are seeking new ways to blur the boundaries between inside and outside space, which is where bi-fold doors excel.

You may think that bi-fold doors are only useful in the summer when you can open them up and create a seamless indoor and outdoor space, but they are equally stylish in the winter when they allow plenty of natural sunlight to flood in.

Bi-fold doors also take up minimal space when they are fully open, meaning that you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the outside.

How much do bi-fold doors cost?

Generally, the average cost of bi-fold doors will begin at around £2000 and can go as high as £8000, but you must also remember to factor in labour costs for your installation.

The exact price of your doors will largely depend on several factors, such as the material you choose and the number of panels.

Close up showing the mechanics of the track for the bi-fold doors

Which material is best?

Bi-fold door costs largely depend on the material you choose.

If you’re on a budget, the most affordable material is uPVC, which will also offer durability and low maintenance requirements.

However, aluminium is often the most popular choice for bi-folds, and is known for its sleek and sophisticated finish. Although the cost of aluminium is slightly higher than uPVC, the material’s strength means that the frames can hold larger panes of glass. This means you get to enjoy slim sightlines, uninterrupted views and the maximum amount of natural light.

Number of panels

The more panels you choose to have, the more your doors will cost.

Originally, most bi-fold doors had only two panels (hence the word ‘bi-fold’!). However if your doors will have to fit into a large space, more panels might be necessary.

The size of panels

As well as the material and number of panels used in your bi-fold doors, the size of the panels used in the doors can also affect the price.

Larger panels typically contain larger areas of glass, which will mean that you can maximise your view and the amount of natural light that comes in. However, larger panels will generally be more costly!

Large black aluminium bi-fold door

Can bi-fold doors increase the value of my home?

Bi-fold doors can add refined style and elegance to your home, and can increase its value. Because gardens are so valued in homes across the UK, bi-fold doors, which offer a way to seamlessly bring the outside in, are popular with prospective buyers. Bi-fold doors also let in plenty of natural light, making your home feel spacious and airy which can also appeal to buyers should you choose to sell.

Likewise, if your home already has bi-fold doors that aren’t in the best condition, replacing them can also increase the value of your home.

Energy efficient bi-fold doors

At Northwich Glass, our bi-fold doors are specifically designed with thermal efficiency in mind, meaning that your home stays at a comfortable temperature all year round. Because this can help you lower the amount that you spend on energy bills, getting new bi-fold doors might be a wise financial decision in the long run!

Transform your home with aluminium bi-fold doors

Ready to transform your home with new bi-fold doors?

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At Northwich Glass, our bi-fold doors are carefully crafted to smoothly glide along the rail and stow away neatly. They also have a completely flush finish and can be made tailored to your exact needs. Our doors come in a wide range of colours and with enhanced security features such as high security tracks and multi-point locking systems to ensure your peace of mind.

We also offer other styles such as patio doors, external entrance doors and other styles. You can view our aluminium bifold doors along with other styles in our Northwich-based showroom, or get in touch for a free quote!

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